Oral History

On March 26, 2014, on behalf of Cabell County Public Schools, Trent Spurlock and Sarah Reynolds of Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc., interviewed Ms. Delores Moody, a former resident of the West Virginia Colored Orphan's Home, regarding her remembrances of her time spent at the Home. Selected clips from the interview are provided below.

Delores Moody

Ms. Delores Moody has lived most of her life in Huntington, West Virginia. She arrived at the West Virginia Colored Orphans’ Home at age six and remained until she was fourteen years old when the facility closed. Ms. Moody then lived with foster parents at three different homes in Huntington. Following her marriage to Charles Edward Moody at age eighteen, the couple had four children. After forty-seven years of marriage her husband passed away in 2008. Ms. Moody continues to reside in Huntington, has three grandchildren, and is an active member of First Baptist Church.

Life at the Home
"When I was six years old, this is when I came out to the Home..."

Transcript File: When I was six years old....

"The girls was on one side, and the boys was on the other side..."

Transcript File: The girls was on one side, and the boys....

"They didn't mistreat us or nothing like that. They was good to us, and I thank God for that."
Transcript File: They didn't mistreat us....

"And Christmas time was the best."

"I got close to the Matrons there, some that were very nice..."

"Some of them, their parents did good, well, and they got to go home..."

"We never had to do without..."

"If it wasn't for the Colored Orphans' Home, I probably wouldn't have been raised as well as I was."

"At first we went to Home school..."

"When school time come, we rode the school bus..."

"My Aunt Helen, she taught there [Barnett Elementary]..."

"We had volleyball there, we had basketball there..."

"The boys from the Home took care of the farm..." 

"After we picked them, we started going to the cannery..."

"We got our own clothes washed..."

"We went to church on Sunday, sang with the Sunday school, and sang with the choir..."

"We did everything any ordinary child would do..."

"Mr. Swan, he started letting us go to visit [Industrial Home]..."

"The boys and girls would be on the grounds talking..."

"The Matrons, through the day, would watch their soaps..."

"They started letting us have a little social hour as we got teenagers..."
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